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Neither the health insurance companies nor the state can in the long run afford a cost policy that is no longer under control.


Through our activities we can ensure that more people know about gold implantations.

So we're taking an unusual approach.

We are aware of the official procedure, which requires an application to be submitted. Even if the approach we are taking is an unusual one — without our venture, doctors of human medicine in Germany would not have become aware of gold implantations either from abroad or via the established veterinary medicine. Therefore our appeal is directed not only at the doctors giving treatment and at the decision-making bodies: our activities are also directed at all those who are suffering from arthrosis and joint diseases:

Join in! Ask the doctors treating you about gold implantations.

There are 40 million of us!

40 million can change a lot! Do it for yourself, your relatives and friends, and last but not least for your health insurer, because ...

... we are the ones who are paying!

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This campaign ensures that all those in responsible positions in the health sector are informed about the potential for saving millions and are called upon to act

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Join in!

Ask the doctors treating you about gold implantations.