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To all who are interested,

the lists shown here include all the health insurers and orthopaedic clinics we have written to in our campaign. Please check whether your health insurer or orthopaedic clinic is included in the lists. If your health insurer or clinic is not listed, please take our application with you for your health insurer or clinic.

If you would like to undergo gold therapy, ask your health insurer whether it will cover some or all of the costs. There are some natural health practitioners in Germany who are specialised in this field. If you would like to be treated in Denmark, ask your health insurer whether they will cover the costs of treatment abroad.

Ask why gold implantations are not yet included among the benefits of the health insurance scheme in Germany.

If you are turned away, you should certainly point out to the person dealing with your case that the health insurer has been informed of the possibility of gold implantation. It has received the application for “Adopting gold implantations in the catalogue of services provided by the statutory health insurance system” (Antrag auf "Übernahme in den Leistungskatalog der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung: GKV)", provided it is on the list.

Join in!

In this way we will achieve our goal more quickly of enabling seven million people plagued by arthrose to benefit from an almost risk-free additional therapy.

Ackermann team