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Do you suffer from pains in your joints? Do you have problems with your knee, hip, your back, cervical vertebrae or ankle?

Are you looking for methods of treatment that can ease arthritis pains and are suitable as a prophylaxis or as an alternative to artificial joints?

Are you keen to avoid a general anaesthetic and antibiotics?

Are you also in support of the multi-billion trade with knees and hips (1) being stopped and of decisions being more in line with the well-being of the patient?

In all these cases gold implants can be an alternative for you!

Gold is one of the world’s oldest medicines. Its anti-inflammatory effect is well researched. (2) The particles of gold that are applied in gold implantation – only pure gold is used – enter into an exchange with the body and emit gold ions. The gold ions are able to impede the inflammation that accompanies worn-out joints and is often the actual cause of pain. The disadvantages of earlier gold therapies in connection with acids do not occur here. (3)

The procedure is simple: Tiny pieces of 24-carat gold are inserted with the help of a hypodermic needle close to the joint (see illustration). The operation is almost without pain, only requires local anaesthetic and puts the patients under little strain.

Has the effect been proved?

Originally the method was used in veterinary medicine, for example on dogs and horses, and is widespread here and very successful. For its application on humans the method was developed further by Dr. Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard in Denmark, who has already treated more than 8,000 patients with a success rate of 80 percent. In a pilot study on the cervical vertebrae two-thirds of the patients treated with gold implants experienced clear pain relief. (4)

Now the number of doctors who employ gold implantation is also growing in Germany and Austria. You can find a list here.

Manages completely without a complicated operation – that argues in favour of gold implantation:

1. In many cases the gentle method of gold implants obtains fast pain relief. Inflammation diminishes, a relieving posture becomes unnecessary, mobility improves.

2. A gold implantation can avoid a joint replacement operation or at least postpone it. It thus saves many patients

  • a considerable tissue trauma with the destruction of valuable bone substance
  • a general anaesthetic
  • treatment with antibiotics
  • a stay in hospital lasting a number of days
  • rehabilitation treatment
  • subsequent use of a walking aid.

3. In contrast to joint replacement operations, gold implantation has no known side-effects. This means in more detail:

  • no infections
  • no pains as a result of the operation
  • no follow-up operations due to a loosening of the artificial limb or infections.

Why is gold implantation still relatively unknown?

Gold implantation is well on the way to becoming more widely recognised and used. We, the Team Ackermann, would like to help the gold implantation to a break-through. We undertake the work voluntarily (and have no financial links to any producers or doctors offering gold implants) to help gold implantation become more widespread.

Our goals are:

  • To gain the support of more doctors for using gold implantation,
  • to encourage research and symposia and
  • to have this gentle, promising, reasonably priced method recognised as a benefit provided by the statutory health insurance.

At present, statutorily insured patients who decide in favour of gold implantation, carry the costs themselves because they consider the method and its effects worth it. In individual cases the costs of a gold implantation have already been borne by the private health insurance companies.

How can this method become more well-known?

Ask your orthopaedist whether he or she can carry out a gold implantation, ask your health insurance scheme to support gold implantation. Make sure you are well-informed and refer in all your enquiries to the comprehensive information on this website – here you’ll find further arguments, explanations regarding the method, progress reports and much more. In this way you too can help to draw attention to this method.

Help us to help others! Thank you.

Your Team Ackermann


(1) See Gabi Stief: "Das Milliardengeschäft mit Knie und Hüfte", HAZ, 28.7.2010 back

(2) Cecilia K. Zetterström, Weiwen Jiang, Heidi Wähämaa, Therese Östberg, Ann-Charlotte Aveberger, Hanna Schierbeck, Michael T. Lotze, Ulf Andersson, David S. Pisetsky and Helena Erlandsson Harris: Pivotal Advance: Inhibition of HMGB1 nuclear translocation as a mechanism for the anti-rheumatic effects of gold sodium thiomalate. In: Journal of Leukocyte Biology vol. 83, January 2008, no. 1 31-38. back

(3) The strong side effects of gold therapy observed in the past were mainly caused by the strong acids that were needed to dissolve the gold into fluid form for better application. This problem does not exist with gold implantation because here only pure gold is implanted. back

(4) Quelle: Kjerkegaard, Kirkeby, Christensen, Schlünzen: Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of the Pain-Relieving Effect of Gold Bead Implantation on Cervical Osteoarthritis. Medical Acupuncture. June 2011, 23(2): 87 – 91. back

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