Our Goals

In reaction to the newspaper article,

“The Billion Dollar Business with Knee and Hips — health insurance complains about the high costs that result from a hefty increase in artificial replacements / frequent second operations”

the Ackermann team began campaigning for the inclusion of gold implantations for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints in the list of approved treatments offered by the public health insurance.

Besides, every doctor should be able to decide, independently of economic interests, which therapy is indicated for his or her patients.


The Obligation to Act

Before a new medication or a new alternative medical therapy may be included in the public health insurance list of approved treatments, their benefits have to be verified. Due to all of the red tape involved, there is virtually no chance for a private person to apply successfully for an optional alternative medicine, even if it has proved itself thousandfold on both humans and animals. And so we have decided to take up an unusual course of action — recognizing our obligation to act, in the way that Joachim Gauck has called for, who has also expressed regret over the lack of involvement of individuals for the community as a whole. We want to take up this challenge! Based on our very own personal experience, we are convinced of this method and so we want to help others. Our efforts are selfless — no one on our team receives any form of payment for our involvement. Each of us is prepared to invest time and money, voluntarily, in a campaign that is already long overdue.


Our team was formed:

  • to make gold implantation known throughout Germany
  • to give public health insurance companies the necessary impetus to include gold implantation in the list of approved treatments
  • to encourage all the scientific studies required in Germany for medical service providers, orthopedic clinics and orthopedic specialists (cf. proposal)
  • to present the nearly risk-free gold implantation as an alternative therapy to the commonly employed and often risky endoprosthesis
  • to curb the ever-increasing costs for the public health insurance resulting from artificial prosthesis and to enable savings millions of Euros through the use of gold implantation
  • to make it possible for orthopedic specialists and orthopedic clinics to have a free choice in methods of treatment, independent of economic constraints
  • to spare patients operations that are not absolutely necessary
  • to let public health insurance patients make their own decision about therapy and to save them the time and trouble of going abroad for treatment.

In Germany, the ever-increasing number of endoprostheses, often involving further operations, should be a source of concern for orthopedic specialists. Every anguished patient stands for an often painful fate, or which everyone working in the health sector is partly responsible. The Barmer Public Health Insurance Company has predicted that soon all retired people between the ages of 60 and 65 will have a new knee or a new hip.

Anyone and everyone could be affected. And for this reason action must be taken as soon as possible.

The method of gold implants is
so simple and so ingenious, and therefore
r e v o l u t i o n a r y !

In the interest of public health, we urge the respective institutions and committees to start making the necessary scientific studies on people quickly.

Forty million persons suffering from arthrosis and fifty million days of absence from work should make the authorities sit up and take notice. These numbers show the dramatic situation for the health system and for employers.

We are also looking here at the fitness for work of the current and future generations.

Best wishes,
The Ackermann Team

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