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On 11 Feb. 2015 another email reached us from a hugely relieved patient. For many years Ms Frenken’s life has been plagued by a complex syndrome of illnesses. Today, 5 months after her first gold implantation, both her knees are again fully functioning and her right wrist has become less subject to pain! Following this success, she is going to have gold implants inserted around her left hip joint in March 2015.

“Again and again I am amazed by our health system,” she tells us.
“My health insurer would continue to pay 2.500 € a month for medicine – but not for gold implantation. Because of me my health insurer saves 2.500 € every month. I am also optimistic about my left hip – an artificial joint; they would pay immediately for a daily cocktail of medicine and an expensive rehab, but not for the gold implantation, that is clearly helping me. Crazy, isn’t it?” Read how relieved Ms Frenken is thanks to the gold implants.  

Dear Sir or Madam,

on 10 Oct. 14 I was given gold implants in both knee joints and in the right wrist by Mr Helling in Hamm. For six years I have had seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, and more and more of my joints are being destroyed by this illness. My knee joints hurt so much that I could hardly walk, sit or stand. My wrist looked like a “field of rubble” and I could hardly use it or only with much pain.

Mr Helling told me that in my case reducing or getting rid of the pain was rather doubtful because of the rheumatism.

After two months there was still no improvement in any of the joints, and I gradually began to lose courage, although Mr Helling had already told me before that it can take up to 6 months before you begin to notice an improvement.

Now 3.5 months have passed and I can climb stairs again, sit and stand for a long time and also go for long walks. My right wrist is also much less painful and I have the hope that things will get better here too.

I have already made the next appointment with Mr Helling as well. Now it’s my left hip joint’s turn, where I have a strong arthrosis and at the moment a very painful attack, which forces me to use crutches and take a strong dose of cortisone.

I am optimistic that the gold implantation will help me here too.
The implantation is not painful and has no aftereffects. So why doesn’t my health insurance pay the gold implantation?

Yours sincerly

K. Frenken

Contact: nc-frenkeka@netcologne.de


right wrist with gold implants

knee with gold implants



right hip with gold implants