Like a miracle!


“At long last I can go up- and downstairs again! We live on the fourth floor and my continuous training schedule comprises 51 stairs. If you count up and down, that’s 102 stairs! Before the gold implants that would not have been possible without pain. The sore muscles that I still get really do me good. That way I notice that my muscles are regaining strength and everything is gradually becoming more stable.” This is what Eberhard Scherbarth tells us, who comes from Bobenheim and was born in 1947. The relief in his voice can be heard clearly.

On 17 September 2014 Dr. Heidl inserted 20 gold implants around his left hip, which is affected by Coxarthrosis. This was Mr Scherbarth‘s desperate attempt to avoid a second operation: gold instead of morphine, opiates and a joint replacement. After the treatment he went out of the practice with hardly any pain.

Team Ackermann (TA): Mr Scherbarth, you were first given an artificial hip on the right side and were then also supposed to get a replacement for the left one soon after.
Eberhard Scherbarth (ES):
Yes, I have Coxarthrosis. This is a disease of the hip joint due to wear and tear. There‘s no more cushioning so to speak between the joints, that means cartilage no longer  grows. This is why the bones rub against each other. That was excruciatingly painful. At that time I’m afraid I hadn’t yet heard about gold implantation.  So, on 3 March 2014 I was given an artificial hip on my right side. After that I was in the rehab centre for four weeks.

TA: Did everything go alright?
That depends how you look at it. Within a week I had to be operated on again and I had grave problems with the anaesthetic. I’m sure you can imagine that I will think very hard about whether and when I decide to have another operation.

TA: That’s understandable, operations always involve a risk. When did these unbearable pains start?
It was during the rehab. While I was there I received a morphine compound. Obviously that meant that at first I didn’t feel any pain at all. After all, I was dopey the whole time. That was unpleasant. That’s why I saw fit to stop using the pain killers at home. Then I suddenly got this unbearable stabbing, tearing pain in my left hip, which hadn’t been operated.

TA: Did you have to take painkillers again?
Yes, of course. Because of the pain I was hardly moving, and that caused the muscles to become weaker and the joints to become stiff. My nerves were becoming rather worn. So I started to take morphine compounds again. They brought along another problem that hardly anyone tells you about. Because of the morphine compounds you are just not “with it” at all. It is as if you are befuddled. You are no longer naturally aware of how you behave towards other people. You stop being aware of how to be polite to others. I’m afraid I was often very curt without realising it. People around me had to put up with rather a lot. That is really bad, and you hardly hear anything about this. 

TA: So you urgently needed an alternative to medication and the operation.
Yes, and luckily I found it!

TA: How did you hear about gold implantation?
My wife read an interview with Dr. Kjerkegaard in “plusMagazin” that told readers about gold implantation. Then I did some research and read many web sites. I was really impressed by the success of gold implants in animal medicine. I also found a number of interesting academic theses on this topic. When I then also found the positive report on the page of the science journalist Jean Pütz, it finally became clear to me: this is my alternative! And I simply saw the treatment as this year’s holiday – financially speaking – (he laughs).

TA: It sounds as if you have regained your life again.
Yes, I have. I’m no longer being tormented. Sooner or later I won’t be able to avoid getting a second hip, but I’m sure that won’t be for a few years yet.


Hip joint left with gold implanation