Like a new person


For us in the Ackermann Team it is always amazing to see in how many syndromes gold implants have the effect of easing pain and allow people a new quality of life. This was also the case for Renate Preen, born in Hannover in 1945. She has been the following the campaign from the beginning and was amazed again and again at the success. In the end, she knew: “I am also going to try that. I have nothing to lose. It can only get better.”On 22 August 2014 she had the crucial appointment at Dr. Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard’s practice in Denmark.

Since her early youth Ms Preen has been hindered by multiple aspects of the syndrome, sometimes strongly, sometimes less so. Especially the attacks of rheumatism and of Morbus Bechterew put a great strain on one’s organism and state of mind. In her case Morbus Bechterew is not very pronounced overall, but it is a continuous strain for the joints and the immune system too. In Ms Preen’s case it is particularly her fingers and feet that have been affected by Morbus Bechterew for many years. In 2009 the pain in her right foot began to increase continuously, so that walking 1 km was hardly possible anymore. The day and the route she needed to walk had to be planned exactly.

Today Ms Preen is like a new person: “After the goldimplant I have the feeling that the pains in the joints – particularly in my knees, fingers and spine – have decreased in general. I can feel a clear reduction of the strain in my whole body. I did hope that would happen, but I didn’t expect it. My foot is simply phenomenal! At long last I can simply get up and go again and don’t have to think about whether and how I will get back home again.  Admittedly I’m still limited to 4–5 km, but I don’t have pain worth talking about and that makes me happy.



In front of the practice in Denmark
Dr. Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard, Renate Preen, Frau Kjerkegaard



Entrance lounge


Local anesthetic


Special hollow needle


Injecting gold implants