Opiates – never again!


My history of illness began in ca. 1980 with the first pains, which became more and more varied and intensive as the years passed. I have undergone a number of operations to be able to live with less pain.

Since the operations didn’t help, from 2008 onwards I was receiving treatment from a pain therapist. This is how my martyrdom started: a martyrdom  of opiates and painkillers (in the end I was on 8 tablets a day), making me permanently tired, of pain therapy in various hospitals as far away as  Bavaria, of heat facet denervation on the whole spine on a number of occasions and of many other unpleasant things.  Owing to the great pain I was in and the painkillers my life seemed to be over. Having done my professional work I had no more energy for leisure time and pleasure. It seemed to me as if the normal doctors had reached the limits of their knowledge because the only chance still left for me was a PCA infusion pump.

Then I asked myself whether, at the age of 55, my life was really supposed to be over already or whether there might still be an alternative to human medicine.

My first attempt was an enzyme therapy using snake venom, which was very expensive, but unfortunately was not successful in the long run. Then we heard that there are also gold implants for humans. I already knew that this type of treatment had been used successfully on dogs. My wife searched the internet and found the website www.Goldimplantatation-fuer-Menschen.de. I sent emails to various doctors in Germany and Denmark, attaching all the reports on the course of my illness, and I asked for information and whether someone could help me.

I got the first reply from Dr. Kjerkegaard in Denmark. We exchanged very interesting emails. Since Dr. Kjerkegaard does not speak such good German and I of course don’t speak any Danish, we had to communicate in English. Although my English is not so good, we always managed to understand each other well, so that I arranged my first appointment in July 2014. A week before my appointment I sent an MRI of my spine to Dr. Kjerkegaard.

On my arrival in Denmark I was given a very friendly welcome by Dr. Kjerkegaard and his wife, without having to wait. Our conversation was now conducted in a mixture of English and German. But we still had no difficulty understanding each other.

Dr. Kjerkegaard explained how he was going to proceed before every stage of the treatment and which pain I was to expect. He felt all along my spinal column and marked the painful places along my spine. While I was lying on my stomach, Dr. Kjerkegaard began to inject anaesthetic, which I experienced as very painful. After ca. 10 minutes he tested whether my back was sufficiently numb. Now Dr. Kjerkegaard began to apply the needles completely without pain, through which the small 24-carat gold particles were inserted in the places where they were intended to go. The needles were removed and the wounds were covered over with plasters. After the treatment I was able to get up immediately and already seemed to feel an improvement. Since the first treatment on my cervical vertebrae had such a good effect, I also had the lumbar vertebrae treated four weeks later.

Now I no longer take any painkillers and I’m completely without pain during the day and 80% free of pain at night. If I have slept with my head in the wrong position at night, then the old pains do come back in my neck vertebrae. But if I get up for 5 minutes and move around, then these pains disappear straight away. According to Dr. Kjerkegaard the complete effect of this treatment can be felt immediately or not until a few weeks later.

I hope that my report has made it really clear that this treatment is absolutely brilliant and that it is a real boon for me. For years I had been having strong pain day and night and I now enjoy being able to move without pain and especially being able to sleep better at night again.

To finish, I would like to make a comparison between before and afterwards.

  • The first treatment of my cervical vertebrae took place on 4th July 2014.
  • The second treatment (of the lumbar vertebrae) was on the 7th August 2014.
  • I am writing this summary on 13th September 2014.


Before the treatment with gold implants:

After the treatment with gold implants:

Morphine painkillers with the prospect of a PCA infusion pump built into my body. No painkillers at all
I hope: forever.
From midday onwards working was torture. Working free of pain right up until work finishes.
Feeling endlessly tired and being overcome by sleep after work. I feel much fresher and have a life again after work.
I was only able to use the weekends for regeneration – so as to survive the next week’s work. I can use the weekends again for leisure activities.
Permanent long waits at my pain therapist to get the medicine. I have cancelled all visits to my pain therapist.
Nearly sleepless nights, since the pain kept waking me up. Restful sleep, just being woken by pain some nights.
I get up, move around a bit, the pain disappears and I can go back to sleep again.
No walks with my wife and my dog. Last weekend I went for a walk with my wife and my dog in Hamelin for 3 hours and had no pain.

To sum up, I can only say that it was a good decision to invest in having the gold implants.


I am glad that as a result of my investment my health insurance company can save several hundred Euros for painkillers per month, without having to participate in bearing the costs of the gold implantation.


If you would like to speak to me in person, just send an email to michael-dickel@gmx.de. I will get in touch with you very quickly. You can also reach me by telephone under 0202-7866364 (no answering machine).



After the first treatment with gold implantation


After the second treatment with gold implantation


Last hospital diagnosis